Impact through Wonder

Fillip Studios is an art and design studio with the mission to create impact through wonder.

The studio is founded by artists Roos Meerman and Tom Kortbeek and develops artistic concepts and conducts design research. The studio uses their innovative creativity to turn wonder into impact. Because all progress starts with wonder.

The artistic concepts of Fillip Studios are shown all across the world. The design research is conducted by Fillip Studios in cooperation with universities, institutions, museums and commercial companies. 

Our Organisation

Fillip Studios operates with a small team of 5 people and a changing number of temporary workers and interns. The studio and workshop are located in the creative hotspot Coehoorn in Arnhem. Pi Lab is located in Eindhoven, where Fillip Studios conducts research and collaborates with scientists.

Fillip Studios is a creative company and works according to the guidelines of the Association of Dutch Designers. In addition, Fillip Studios has active implementation plans for the Code Cultural Governance, Fair Practice Code en Code Diversity en Inclusion.